Tequila Corazon De Agave Reposado

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Aged in American oak barrels for 6 to 8 months, resulting in a softness and depth previously found only in fine aged cognac and single malt scotch. Made from only 100% agave using only the highest quality plants and all natural juices from the heart of the agave. Contains no artificial ingredients. Oxygen is infused into Corazón de Agave Tequila after the second distillation producing a spirit that is softer and more approachable with enhanced aroma and distinct flavors. TASTING NOTES "The fruit-driven nose of the reposado shows much more vanilla that their blanco tequila. The undertone of white pepper is also less pronounced here. It is a very smooth sipper that finishes with notes of Marcona almonds." -


(No reviews yet) Write a Review