Port Charlotte Islay Barley

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PORT CHARLOTTE ISLAY BARLEY REPRESENTS A MILESTONE. FOR THE FIRST TIME, PERHAPS IN THE ISLAND’S HISTORY, A HEAVILY-PEATED SINGLE MALT HAS BEEN DISTILLED USING ISLAY-GROWN BARLEY. The wind-driven rain that lashes Islay's fields, and the Atlantic air breathed by the casks as they mature by the shores of Loch Indaal, gives the whisky its signature salty, citrus tang. Harvested in September 2008 from the farms at Coull, Kynagarry, Island, Rockside, Starchmill & Sunderland, peated to 40 PPM, then distilled in December of the same year, this is a whisky of flawless provenance. A true Ileach.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review