Kentucky Owl 'Takumi Edition' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)

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A collaboration between Master Blenders John Rhea (Kentucky Owl®) and Yusuke Yahisa (Nagahama Distillery), this latest limited edition release blends new and old, showcasing Kentucky bourbon through the eyes of Japanese whisky. Both Kentucky and Japan are home to whiskey lovers who respect tradition and craftsmanship, but who also admire innovation. The Japanese term kaizen — continuous improvement — echoes through this latest project. "Takumi" means "master" in Japanese, with the name of the release celebrating the art and craft of modern whisky blending.

The Takumi Edition Bourbon is a blend of 4-, 5-, 6- and 13-year-old Kentucky straight bourbons with mash bills containing corn, rye or wheat, and malted barley.

The nose features a savory mix of light rye bread with sweet caramel richness and a hint of tangy fruit salad. On tasting, there is an initial wave of buttery rye bread with a full-bodied feel. The savory mix of rye and caramel combine into a cinnamon and caramel sauce that clings to the taste buds and brings out a bit of fruitiness — mostly apple and pear — that provide a flavorful and lasting finish.


100 proof/50% ABV


(No reviews yet) Write a Review