Hijos De Villa Blanco Silver Tequila (200ml)

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The Mexican brand Hijos de Villa has come up with a very special presentation for their tequila. This Blanco Tequila comes in an extravagant revolver bottle. A mock revolver has been made out of glass in order to create a unique packaging for "Tequila Blanco Revolver". The prototype for the glass bottle is the revolver that has been used during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1914) by national hero Pancho Villa and his banditos.

The revolver bottle is filled with 200 ml of the finest Blanco Tequila. It comes packed in a cardboard display unit that includes 2 hand-blown shot glasses. Enjoy this wonderfully smooth Hijos de Villa Tequila in the historic revolver bottles.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review