El Recuerdo Mezcal Joven- Jorge Masvidal's Mezcal(750ml)

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World famous UFC fighter
Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal's Tqulia


A source of pride for Oaxaca and Mexico, Recuerdo Mezcal is one of the best sellers in the industry. Recuerdo is Spanish for remembrance, keepsake, reminiscence, memento, souvenir.

Recuerdo Mezcal is the essence of a vibrant and colorful Oaxaca; it’s attitude, character and pride in a bottle.

Recuerdo Mezcal is a memorable product of our traditions. It reflects and transports our culture, in every sense of the word.

Recuerdo Mezcal is made from choice Agave Espadín plants and is crafted with traditional techniques, cooked over river rocks with certified pine and oak woods to achieve an environmentally friendly product.

The river rocks are collected from the higher elevations of Oaxaca’s central valley rivers. Rocks and woods utilized at our distillery in Oaxaca, the Capital of Mezcal, are certified by the SEMARNAT (Mexican ministry of environmental protection), to ensure that we take care of the planet’s biodiversity through a responsible and sustainable management of the local forests. Mezcal is a protected designation of origin.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review