Woodford Reserve 2022 Kentucky Derby Bourbon (1 Liter)

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Woodford Reserve, as part of its ongoing relationship with the annual Kentucky Derby, releases each year a special bottling showcasing art that’s tied to the horse race. It has done this once again for 2022, this time sporting a striking label by artist Jaime Corum.

The new Woodford Reserve 2022 Kentucky Derby Bourbon, according to those behind it, this year highlights a piece by Corum that’s named “Dreams in Bloom.” Corum, a Kentucky native and equine artist known for her stunning horse portraits, features in the artwork “three thoroughbreds racing neck-and-neck, surrounded by a spray of vivid spring flowers, including the iconic red roses of Derby.”

“The attention to detail in Jaime’s artwork is remarkable – and so realistic,” Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris said in a prepared statement. “This year’s bottle celebrating the 148th Kentucky Derby will make a gorgeous addition to anyone’s bar.”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review