Tequila San Matias Anniversary Blend (750ml)

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Casa San Matias is celebrating their 135-year anniversary with an extraordinary tequila, the fist blend in their history of being one of the oldest distilleries in Mexico. Crafted with the finest blend of anejo and extra anejo tequilas from Casa San Matias.

This ultra premium blend of Orgullo Anejo, Rey Sol Extra Anejo, Tahona Anejo, Gran Reserva Extra Anejo, and Pueblo Viejo Anejo offers a unique flavor experience that is one of a kind.

This unique piece captures the essence of one of the oldest distilleries in Mexico, in a work of art with 135 European crystals, in collaboration with PRECIOSA, all of which are placed by hand in the highlands of Jalisco.


Intense amber colored tequila with copper-colored hues, clean and transparent, with great brilliance and golden sparkles.


Initial aroma of caramel, chocolate and notes of maple and vanilla, there are also deep notes of sweet seeds such as toasted almonds and walnuts, as well as dried fruits in retro olfactory aromas of dried plums, coffee and flowers such as violets.


Slightly sweet flavor with low alcoholic impact, sapid with a certain oily texture, which provides a permanently smooth and harmonious finish in the mouth.


Extra Añejo.


750 ml.

Alcohol content

40% [80PROOF]


(No reviews yet) Write a Review