Santo Tequila Blonco 110 (750ml)

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The maximum proof under NOM standards is 110 proof. Just like our founders, this tequila pushes the limits and shines through in its mastery of craft. The 110 proof blanco is for bold spirits who want to explore all of the expressions of tequila. We recommend enjoying this agave-forward tequila over an ice cube with a splash of water or in a lighter cocktail that complements this elevated tequila.

On one of our trips to the El Viejito Distillery, our Master Distiller pulled out a bottle we hadn't seen before and poured us all a glass. When he told us it was his 110 proof blanco, we were amazed by how smooth and flavorful this high-proof tequila was and knew that we needed to share it rather than keep it a secret. Now you too can drink what the distiller drinks.

When Sammy Hagar gets together with friends in Cabo San Lucas you never know what's coming next. So begins the history behind Santo’s Tequila Blanco and Mezquila - both borne out of good friends, great food, a lot of tequila and the search for a taste revelation: “a higher spirit.”

Together, rocker Sammy Hagar and chef Guy Fieri found their virtuoso with Juan Eduardo Nuñez, the third-generation master distiller from the famed distillery El Viejito, founded in 1937, in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Sammy’s history of making world-renowned tequila, Guy’s world-famous taste buds, and Juan Eduardo’s award-winning craftsmanship, bring to life the portfolio of Santo spirits; a sinfully smooth old world style tequila blanco, an oak-aged reposado, and the world’s first mezquila.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review