Old Forester 150th Anniversary Batch Proof 02/03

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150 barrels were set aside for Old Forester’s 150th Anniversary release, which were divided into three unique batches intended to honor George Garvin Brown’s process of batching from the three original distilleries.

3 of the 150 barrels that were set aside were completely lost due to evaporation or the "Angel's Share."

Master Taster Jackie Zykan took the remaining 147 barrels and blended them into three unique expressions, each with their own flavor profile. They’re bottled unfiltered and at Batch Proof 

Batch 02/03 is 126.4 proof, comprised of 48 barrels, is “sweet and spry.” On the nose there’s “cherry cordial and raspberry preserves” with “French toast and chocolate malt” on the palate and a finish with “brilliant and perky spice at the front of the palate, touch of cedar, mildly dry.”


(No reviews yet) Write a Review