Mandala Tequila Añejo (1L)

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Tequila Mandala Añejo 1 Liter Ceramic Bottle

Tequila Mandala Añejo of meticulous care in its process and elaborated with the selection of mature agaves that is cooked in brick ovens, receiving a double distillation to reach the perfect taste. Aged 24 months in Sherry Cask barrels helping to achieve an exquisite body of unequaled flavor.

Color: Intense gold with golden shades.

Aroma: Roasted French oak, cooked agave.

Taste: Soft, fruity and sweet, leaving a finish that is persistent and pleasant to the palate.

Aging: 24 Months in Sherry Cask barrels.

40% alc

1 Liter

*Due to the handcrafted nature of these ceramic bottles, the bottle might not feel full, but it is indeed 1 liter


(No reviews yet) Write a Review