Kurayoshi 18 Year Old Pure Malt Japanese Whisky (750ml)

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The Kurayoshi is the Japanese Pure Malt range from the distillery of the same namen located in Tottori Prefecture. The Kurayoshi distillery takes special care in the blending of the Pure Malts.

In addition, they benefit from the waters coming from the underground of the Daisen mountain, bringing a unique bouquet and finish.
Bottled at 50 proof, The Kurayoshi Japanese Pure Malt Whisky 18 Year Old is a rare whisky in the style, with a complex and deep flavor. Smooth and spicy with hints of malt and an elegant finish of smoky notes.

Not chill-filtered. Complexity and depth from over 18 years of aging. Persistent rich aroma. A well balanced Pure Malt whisky with subtle notes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review