J Rieger's Whiskey (750ml)

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J. Rieger & Co. was established in 1887 by Jacob Rieger in Kansas City, Missouri. After building an impressive line of 100 products and a customer base of 250,000 around the U.S., Rieger was forced to close the doors December of 1919, weeks before Prohibition laws were enacted. K.C. Speakeasy owner Ryan Maybee partnered with Andy Rieger (great-great-great-grandson of Jacob) to revive the brand in 2014. This bottling pays tribute to Rieger of the 1800s. Blended corn, malt and straight rye whiskies. Aged no less than seven years. And small amount of Oloroso Sherry from the Williams & Humber Bodega in Jerez. The nose hints toasty, salted caramel with the bite of red apple skin. Banana chip and cedar on the palate, with a smoky finish.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review