Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese Spirit (750ml)

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The origin of the Doritos spirit is serendipitous, like the best things are. In Empiricals very early days, a team member returned from lunch with a sandwich and a bag of Doritos. As I continued experimenting with distillation and testing our equipment, curiosity led me to turn this snack into a spirit. Upon tasting it, the result was amazing and we burst into laughter; we shared it with friends, especially chefs we would just give them a little glass without telling them what it was. The sheer joy in their face was amazing to watch. I think the the reason Doritos works so well as a flavor is because it's a very unique in the way that it touches on all the points that we sort of crave as people. So there's umami component and a salty component, a sort of sour component, a teeny bit of bitterness in there. So it kind of touches on all the perfect flavor points. And I mean, I know people think of it as like a snack chip, but I think it's a beautiful flavor. And I would say that most chefs that you speak to will at some point admit that its a guilty pleasure they all indulge in. We can take something that has a unique and amazing flavor like the Doritos, and make it into something that's even more interesting. We're juxtaposing something, a flavor that I think most people are very familiar with, and then transposing that into a very unique drinking experience. Lars Williams Co-founder and Executive Creative Director Empirical


(No reviews yet) Write a Review