Don Lorenzo Reposado Reserva (1.75 liter)

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Reposado Reserva

NOM - 1146 100% Agave - Lot - 4 limited production (3000 bottles)   40% ABV

4 different agave harvests from diverse terroir. Adding dimension
in individual profiles of agave. Different years, different seasons.
Changing weather patterns and variations in soil complexity.
Four different tequila expressions.
8 month reposado American oak.
2yr anejo American oak.
3yr extra anejo French oak.
5 yr extra anejo American oak.

Each individual expression brings forth the subtle nuances and
dynamic character for which they are known.
We blended them together in specific proportions to showcase
all of their unique qualities.
Creating a sophisticated spirit of unrivaled balance, complexity
and taste.
Cooking : slow cooked autoclave.
Juice extraction : customized standard mills -
Fermentation : proprietary and natural occurring yeast.
Distillation : copper pot

Lot 5 brick red Label
42% ABV
2 different agave harvests
3 expressions
8 month american oak reposado
3yr french oak anejo
5yr American oak


(No reviews yet) Write a Review