Charbay Brandy No. 89

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Crafted in Ukiah California, Brandy No. 89 is a classic that was distilled during the winter of 1989 and was aged for 24 years in Limousin oak. You'll enjoy
caramel, toasty vanilla aromas and flavors with a touch of clove...Layer after layer unfolds with each sip. The finish is full with long, lingering flavors.

This is an ancient art form: the Alambic Charentais sorts out the men from the boys because 'you live with how you make those cuts'. Other stills are automatic - turn it on and stand back. But they strip the flavors instead of building up layers of flavors.

Aged 24 years in Limousin oak.

Alcohol 46% | 92 Proof | 750ml


(No reviews yet) Write a Review