Cascahuin Extra Añejo Tequila (750ml)

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It has 48 months of maturation in American Oak barrels and subsequently a natural stabilization of four years in the pipones of our distillery with more than 60 years old.

  • View: Natural Amber.
  • Smell: Aromas of very ripe and cooked agave, which notice honey, very ripe pineapple, small notes of menthol and Darjeeling tea leaves. In addition, due to its ripening time we have aromas of coffee beans, bitter chocolates, red fruits and orange peel. A small graphite note is also hidden for its long maturation time.
  • Taste: Sweet flavors with a bit of astringency of the barrel, also giving a aftertaste of cooked agave and a robust flavor of our white tequila.
    It is a silky drink with a good balance of barrels and tequila, which does not remind us of its long process of 16 years, from the field to its maturation in the barrel.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review