Booker's 2022-03 “Kentucky Tea Batch" Bourbon (750ml)

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The third release of the Booker’s Bourbon 2022 Collection is Booker’s Batch 2022-03 “Kentucky Tea Batch.” While some may flavor their water with tea leaves, my dad, Booker Noe, loved to flavor his water with bourbon – something he called Kentucky Tea.

  • Taste: Butter pecan pie, Toasted graham cracker, Burnt toffee, Pear, Sweet & unique tasting
  • Aroma: Pecan, Cedar, Cinnamon stick, Vanilla, Honey, Touch of malt, Bold & spicy
  • Finish: Dry oak, Licorice, Leather, Brown sugar, Cinnamon, Lingering leather/cinnamon soiree


(No reviews yet) Write a Review